QSL Information

Adam Warrix – KD9NRT


QSL is important. It is the verification required for a QSO. Below are how to QSL with me.


I love to QSL direct. QSL cards are a key tradition in amateur radio. Amateur radio operators put time into designing QSL cards. I am one of those. I normally don’t send out QSL cards for digital modes but will respond if I receive one. I will respond to all QSL cards I receive. There is no need for a self addressed stamped envelope. If you would like a QSL card but do not have one of your own, just email me and I’ll be more than happy to send one.

Logbook of the World

I upload every QSO to Logbook of the World. I’m not a fan of the interface and UI, so I enter everything through QRZ and then move it over to LOTW. I usually upload QSOs at the end of each week but will upload if I operate heavily. If there are any problems with the entry, contact me and I will fix it. Please have all of the infomation of the QSO ready to expedite the correction.


As with Logbook of the World, I input all QSOs into QRZ. This is usually done as the QSO is happening. Be aware that this may take some time for POTA/SOTA activations. If there is an error, contact me with the QSO information so I can make a correction.

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