MI UP Trip and Radio Recount

Background My master’s advisor invited me to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a research assistant. His research site is in the Grand Sable Dunes, just outside of Grand Marais. For those who know the area, it is isolated. Michigan tends to be heavier with AT&T, so we didn’t have cell reception. There was anotherContinue reading “MI UP Trip and Radio Recount”

Hamshack Upgrades

Introduction My shack has been constantly evolving since I got into ham radio. It originally started as a radio on a deck with coax passing through a laundry room window. It then changed to a radio sitting next to my computer. The coax was still going through the same window. Now, I have a deskContinue reading “Hamshack Upgrades”

Antenna Comparison Test

Introduction Anyone that has seen this blog knows that I spend a fair amount of time on Reddit. It is a love/hate relationship. It is a great place for information but can also contain some of the dumbest people. I have this same love/hate relationship with r/AmateurRadio. Many of the posts are about new licenses,Continue reading “Antenna Comparison Test”

Something New Learned About Pi-Star Hotspots

Quick One This post will be quick. I just wanted to highlight something new that I just learned about Pi-Star hotspots. This is specific for those running the Pi-Star software. I was trying to show my wife digital voice radio using Yaesu System Fusion. I set the Pi-Star to the Parrot, which is a privateContinue reading “Something New Learned About Pi-Star Hotspots”

Digital Voice Radio

Background As you know, I love digital radio. I acknowledge my bias but that doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the realities. Watch any YouTube channel and they will say, “It sounds like you are right next to me.” While I’m on System Fusion and most of the rooms are cross linked with DMR, IContinue reading “Digital Voice Radio”

My Recent Radio Silence – Burnout

Although the traffic to this blog is relatively low, I do want to post regularly. As with any social media platform, one way to gain traffic is to keep a regular schedule. My plan was to have a new blog every Sunday. This was easy since Sunday is a slow day for me. I amContinue reading “My Recent Radio Silence – Burnout”