Where Have I Been

I haven’t posted on this site in a bit. I haven’t forgotten about it either. I upgraded to my general license in Oct 2019 and was planning to upgrade to my extra license before the change happened in summer 2020. Unfortunately, COVID hindered that plan. The testing session I planned to attend was cancelled. Once online testing became a thing, the question bank had changed. I also lost motivation through various things. Recently, I decided that I was going to push for extra. I started studying again and tested with GLAARG. I earned my extra by scoring 50/50 on the exam. For anyone debating doing an online exam, I would high recommend GLAARG. Both my wife and I tested through them, and they are a very professional group. Herb, the gentleman conducting the testing, talks you through everything step-by-step. They don’t have any crazy requirements, like needing two webcams or a phone looking down on your testing area. You just need a camera that can move, Zoom, and free time.

I promise I haven’t forgotten about updating this site with articles. I actually have three articles in the works in addition to a report on the Indiana QSO Party. Stand by for those.

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